The Chronicle of Higher Education | Faculty

  1. How These Professors Assign Their Own Books With a Clean Conscience
    Putting one’s own work on the syllabus can be logical. But the mild self-enrichment — or appearance of such — has some academics jumping through hoops to avoid it.
  2. A College Designed for Adults
    At College Unbound, a new institution in Rhode Island, the curriculum and services reflect the life and work experiences of older students. “We’ve tried to become what they needed,” says Adam Bush, its provost.
  3. Professors and Free Speech
    Some professors nowadays fear for their jobs or their safety on account of their views at a time of high partisan tensions. Here are the stories of several professors in the cross hairs, and how their colleges responded.
  4. Harnessing the Power of the Developing Brain
    What professors — and students — should know about the advantages and limitations of the teenage brain.  
  5. Michigan State’s Faculty Senate Votes No Confidence in Embattled Trustees
    It’s yet another sign of the tensions that have continued to simmer on the campus since the recent sentencing hearings for Larry Nassar, formerly a sports doctor at the university, who abused at least 265 young women and girls.