The Chronicle of Higher Education | Faculty

  1. The $3-Million Research Breakdown
    How a star psychiatrist at the University of Illinois at Chicago violated protocols and put children at risk.
  2. Want to Be a 'Volunteer Adjunct'? Southern Illinois U. Is Hiring
    A dean's email asking department chairs to recruit alumni for unpaid teaching positions ignited a social-media firestorm. The university says it was misunderstood.
  3. What Is ‘STEM’? The Definition Is Evolving
    Recognizing the increasing presence of technology and mathematics in academic disciplines could help international students hoping to stay and work in the United States. 
  4. How Low Can a Tenured Professor Go on Twitter? Fresno Case Could Be a Test
    Randa Jarrar’s inflammatory tweets about Barbara Bush may be protected speech, but when she invoked her university and its president, some say she crossed a line.
  5. How to Turn Your Exams Into Learning Opportunities
    Professors often lament that students’ concerns about grades can overshadow their capacity to learn from an exam. What if there was a better way?